Proposal 101: The Definitive Guide To How To

Got a girl? Got a plan? For together forever? Then it’s time to get a plan.

Some men are romantics at their core. They send flowers to mom on Mother’s Day because they know mom treasures little acts of kindness. The same men plan a romantic picnic in the park complete with a wicker basket, wine, bread and thine with a sweetheart because they listened to her when she said she cherishes time together on any given Sunday.

So when it comes to the point this man knows the woman on his arm is the one he wants to spend the rest of his lifetime with, it’s time to make a proposal plan. While a guy doesn’t have to go All Kanye, he still wants to create a moment his true love will remember.

And one things’ for sure, fellows, your fiancée’s family will ask her HOW your proposed. And they will form their own opinion of YOU upon hearing the story.

Better you make a plan. It’s not okay to roll over in bed after sex saying, “Hey, what about we get married?” No dad appreciates that version of his daughter’s engagement story, for sure.

The big gesture should be about what SHE likes. You’ve witnessed the jumbo Tron at an ice hockey game where he proposes and she accepts. Does she like hockey or other sports for that matter?

Plan your proposal to be an experience only the two of you attend OR go all in with her family cheering in the background. Again it’s about what she appreciates.

Propose to her on an airplane flight…but let the flight attendants in on the plan so that they let you remove your seatbelt after take-off.

Propose on a scenic overlook…but vet the hiking trail beforehand. No one wants to limp back to the car.

Plan your proposal. Pick a location. Then pick a message.

A woman wants to hear WHY it is you want to marry her.

Real life is nothing like The Bachelor franchise. No one gets a do-over and re-shoot. Remember:

  • Keep your message simple
  • Look into her eyes.

And deliver a diamond engagement ring that wows her. Guaranteed it will be one of the most memorable moments you share. Make it worthwhile with a diamond engagement ring from LovBe.

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