The 7-second Field Guide To Diamond Shapes

BUSINESS INSIDER maintains that a person gets only 7 seconds to make a first impression.

The wheels you drive, the gleam of your teeth, the way you hold doors open for women you don’t know, get noticed in that first seven seconds. They either respond positively or get judgy.

The same goes for the diamond you select. Whether you surprise her with an engagement ring or the two of you decide on the shape together, the cut of your diamond reveals your personality.


Ideal to use in a solitaire setting, the round diamond is cut with 57 facets to achieve maximum shine. In fact, 75% of all diamonds sold are round. You are a traditionalist.


Called the Princess cut, this square diamond is a new spin on the traditional round.  It has 59 facets and a side view appears as an upside down pyramid. You see the world from all angles.


The Emerald cut diamond has a unique cut from other diamonds. Originally developed specifically for emeralds, the cut creates flashes of light called the “hall of mirrors” effect. You do things in a big way.


The cushion cut is square with soft corners, resembling a pillow. Used for the last 200 years, it was the most popular diamond shape for the first 100 of its existence. You appreciate all things vintage.


A radiant cut is a hybrid of a princess cut diamond and a cushion cut diamond. With 53 to 70 facets, the radiant cut features slightly cropped corners that sparkle generously. You are anything but subdued.


Cut the same as a round brilliant diamond with 57 facets, the oval diamond gleams and its unique elongated shape makes the fingers look longer. You like to be different.


Also known as tear-shaped, this rare cut is a combination of round and marquise and can show more color in the point of the stone. Only about 4% of GIA-certified diamonds are pear cuts. You are an individualist.

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